Character's hand is distorting clothes

Hello ~ Today I am posting this post to ask to smart and intelligent people
how are you guys rigging your character with shrinkwrap modifier without the hand
distorting the character’s cloth.

So to describe my situation better
I have
one mesh character body
one mesh jean (shrinkwrapped to character’s body)
one mesh t-shirt (shrinkwrapped to character’s body)

everything looks great and my character is moving as it should
but when my character’s hand approaches to it’s t-shirt or jeans
the shrinkwrapped t-shirt or jeans surface is making the spikes toward the characters hand

like this

One smart idea passed to my head to assgin lower arm+hands to a new vertex group to character’s body and inverting them so shrinkwrap applies everything except the lower arm + hand !
but this smart idea didn’t work xD I was stupid lol

I shrinkwraped the t shirt and jeans to the body
and with blender’s shrinkwrap modifier there is no way to
select the vertex group of the target object (in my case the body)
but can only select the vertex group of it’s own object
(so I can only choose which part of the t-shirt ot jean will be shrinkwrapped to the body
I can’t exclude some specific part of the body that will be ignored to t-shirt, jean’s shrinkwrap)

so… if you have had any similar problem in the past … how did you solve this problem ?
I am pretty sure this problem is common but with my head I can’t find a proper solution now
(I am having the headache since my smart idea above didn’t work xD)

What I am having in my head are 2 options

Option A
separate the lower arm and hand from the body mesh
this might work but I want to evade this option since
it’s uncommon to separate the one body mesh to
different parts and doing this might broke the rig I’ve made

Option B
Simple and Clear, not using the shrinkwrap modifier
but unfortunately I am not an expert of weight painting
I can’t imagine my character rigged without the shrinkwrap modifier
with the shrinkwrap modifier off, I would see lots of overlapping that would take
ages to fix T_T

So for these reasons, I want to get rid of the options A and B …
Any lay of hand would be very appreciated !!

Thanks in advance !!

I believe the problem is that your original cloth object is a bit too far from your character. Try to apply the shrinkwrap modifier to change the cloth to the position it is now. Then add a new shrinkwrap modifier with the same settings as the other.

Do that in a copy of your file, of course.

I don’t think that will make the problems disappear completely, depending on the movements the character does, but it will make it much better.

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aha so do you mean this is happening because that part of the cloth is much more closer
to the hand instead of the body itself right ? (so the shrinkwrap will be shrinkwrapped to the most closer part of the object)

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Exactly. So, if you apply the modifier, the cloth will be much closer to the body and the new modifier will not be so problematic.

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Thanks you very much for the fast help, I haven’t tried it yet but I think it will work

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I really believe it will. The test I made here worked well, so, I’m confident. :wink:

Good luck. Just let me know how it was later. :wink:

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Thank you sir !! :+1:

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