Characters in Bullet?

I have a fully rigged turkey model that I plan on setting up with Doc Holiday’s “WayPoints” script.

The problem is, I was just going to use “dLoc” to move it from point to point, but then I realized that this wont go over the hills like it needs to, just through them. :frowning:

I need help setting up the Turkey and Armature so that they are dynamic, have bounds, will go up and down hills, and not go through the ground or (yes I did have this problem) fly apart in a crazy manner.:smiley:

If necessary, I can post a .blend later, maybe 7:00 tonight?:confused:

Thanks in advanced for any help I receive!:slight_smile:

dunno if it fits your needs but you could try using linVel instead of dLoc

make the armature dynamic, set bounds to “polytope…” and disable “collision” on all faces of the character mesh!
It should climb and stay quiet now…I hope.

OTO: I tried your Idea combined with Force and it worked. Only prob is that it slides(like it’s on ice). I cant be havin done of that…:ba:. He’s gonna walk on grass and leaves…

then us dloc or change the friction in the DYN in the material panel

dLoc = doesn’t follow rotation of gorund (as far as I know…maybe I missed something??)
friction = hmmmmmmm…on the ground or the turkey?

dLoc = well I use it for my game and its perfect :slight_smile:
friction= the 2 will need friction Ex: 0.500 for turkey, 0.010 for floor

dLoc does work! I are stupid…I just had to set the “Colision” off like OTO said.

Thanks Mico27! I’ll put you in the “Special Thanks” section of the credits…