Characters in progress

I am creating a few characters for personal reasons. First one is this guy, still missing his ears and nostrils. His eyes wlll be covered, so the eyeballs will be missing in the end (or maybe I’ll just add a basic sphere). Base mesh was recreated with better topology (quads). Head object still has a mirror. Skin is procedural currently and lips are single color. Next step: finishing the :nose: and :ear:, which seems to be the most difficult part. All comments or tips welcome :grinning:

Maybe the skin procedural will be go better if will let more light the displacement.

You can use MixRGB for this. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, skin is way off, but it was just to have some colouring at the moment, focusing on the model first

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He has ears and nostrils, looks like a fake Spock now :grin:. As expected, an :ear: is not easy

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I tried out several things to get some wrinkles, displacement/normal maps, sculpting, vertex painting, more sculpting, subdiv and move vertices, editing with edge loops, beveling, inset faces/extrude, even more sculpting, but disappointed at all results. I’m totally lost on how to vary sculpt radius/thickness during sculpt and I only get flat results. All tips welcome, as I’m not sure how I will continue :frowning:

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Finally adding some better texture now, hope you like it. Next up: Hairy stuff :grin:

No hair yet, adding lots of wrinkles, but it needs some improvement on the UVs and it may be overdone

Just did a small modification, I like this one better, even though it shows the UV errors more :frowning: