Characters picking up and releasing objects?

(cree) #1

Is there a way to get characters to pick up objects and releasing without having to keyframe the child object’s movement in relation to the movement of the character’s hand. I know you can vertex parent the child object to the parent, but can you undo that action on an animation timeline?

(theeth) #2

you should have a look for Slikdigit’s constraint trick (sorry, I don’t have a link) in the Q&A forum. He explains how to turn a contraint on and off during and animation. Using this trick, you could have an empty permanently parented to the armature and contraint the object to Copy Loc / Copy Rot of the Empty, turning those contraints On when you need them.

This sounds challenging enough, so I’ll try to make an example file.


(Hos) #3

Check out Joeri’s constraints_Ipo.blend that comes with
the demo225 files – it uses a constraint IPO to do
exactly what you want.


(theeth) #4

I did an example file:


(cree) #5

Thanks. I’ll give that a try.