Characters WIP

(Poju) #1

Just wanted to show how my current char is turning out

Any comments?

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(S68) #2

Any comments?

:o :o :o

Wonderfull! If you texture it as well as you textured your last model…


(graphinc) #3

really sexy :slight_smile:

CeD -

(Timothy) #4

grandma bat :slight_smile:

Looks really damn nice though, but could you make her a younger sister with some wonder bra :wink:

(sten) #5

hmm, nice model…ooucchh…hehe ugly breast it has lol but I think it suppose to be that way :slight_smile:

keep up the great modelwork…can’t wait to see it textured !!


(Poju) #6

Thanks my friends.

Here is closeup of head:

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(Poju) #7

Hello again

Here is she again and i think that modeling part is done.


Whole thing:

And legs little closer:

Is there anything that comes in mind? Comments, chritique, suggettions or anything at all?

(paradox) #8

Way cool. I like the hairy, feathery legs. It is so fun watching one of your models evolve.
Keep up the good work.


(sten) #9

hehe…very nice work…still love that black/white pics , feels as it if an old movie :slight_smile:

btw…will it have hands at all ? would be cool…out on the wingtips :slight_smile:

And great ears too !!!


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(basse) #10

heh, I was almost asking already, if it from Kalevala, but then I saw the filename, just now:) looks great!

the face is a bit too masculine, but otherwise, great stuff. how did you do the lighting?

(Poju) #11

There is just 4 spots 2 at front corners pointing slightly up and 2 at back corners pointing down.

And that first head pic is result of playing with sequence editor.

(Poju) #12


Challenge at CG Talk ends tonight so i wanted to show
what i get done.

I’ve been pretty busy so there is not much progress fom last pic,
but here it is:

(S68) #13


Wonderful 8)


(sten) #14

nice done…and good luck !! :wink:

(Poju) #15

If u want to see real mixup look at

Hmm… maybe i should make poll wich all animals is in it :stuck_out_tongue:

(rndrdbrian) #16

Poju, I really think you need to have a lie down!

Interesting concept.


(MexIndian) #17

Hey! Who gave you permission to take a picture of my girl? :wink:

Good job man. Is it a product of your imagination?

(Poju) #18

Hey! Thanks!

I’m thinking to rig this up (never build sceleton before) and have to learn uv mapping too(any good and simple tut’s?), but i show progress here when there is something to show.

Progress and story behind her is at:

(Poju) #19

Desided to make new char of that cow like head. Here is start of body:

(Poju) #20

Worked little more and came up with this: