Nice! What about materials/textures? Did you uved mesh or it’s ‘procedural’ materials?

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Amazing! Glad to see Blender can create so relastic models give us more confidence to learn.
Please think about tutorial online.
If used evee can do same work thats so amazed.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Amazing!Thank you very much for this! Have a great weekend too!

Thank you ! I will try to do some tutorials in the future!

Thank you! i did some some uvs on big parts for add scratches in substance painter. On a smaller parts i just added some simple metal and plastic material with tiled scratches texture and box planar projection without Uvs. For his arm, tiled carbon material.

Hi. I like it. Are u have YouTube channel? Any tuts would be great.

Hello, thank you! Yes but im very new to youtube so i only have couple ingame test videos.
However i hope to have time to make some tuts in the future.

I added a screenshot for wireframes out of blender. Is not pretty clear but enough for me because i backed everything to a low poly character for unreal, that was my target. As you can see some geometry on the top of another geometry are decals from decal machine addon :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I hope to make tutorials one day :slight_smile:

Yes plz do. Doesnt have to be showing the same complexity of this character