I want to Learn How to Model Characters :slight_smile:

That’s quite a broad category. Do you want to be more specific ?

Right there in the stickies is a link that talks about the basics of modeling several regions which are common in character models.

Much of it also talks about a concept known as topology, something you need to have a grasp on or you otherwise will find this type of modeling difficult.

Good for you!

Me too! Hey, how cool is that. :stuck_out_tongue:

More useful answer: start with something relatively simple. I dunno what you have in mind but your first character won’t be photorealistic even if you try hard. Make a simple cartoon character first on which you can practice rigging and, if that’s what you want, simple animation.

I found this to be a very useful series of youtube tutorials:

Once you get on to Blender, you might want to invest in Angela Guenette, Character Modeler, Blenderella. For 25 Euros in Blender Org you can’t beat it. Also Blender Cookie or David Ward’s tutorials as pointed above will get you going.