CharacterWrapper - Movements, jump, and more (new module for 2.69x)

Hello everyone !
I see the KX_CharacterWrapper in the API Doc, and i made a module for facilitate de manipulation of this component.
Ok, the doc of my module is here :

class : character

    onGround : Verify if character collide on ground or not

    gravity  :  Gravity force for the character (character.Cps().setGravity(50))
    jumpCount : get the count of jump (current count). Example, if you use diferente animation for the
    jump and second jump... etc (character.Cps().jumpCount())

    jump : Jumps character based on "jumpForce" in character logic (character.Cps().jump())

    doubleJump : make a double Jump, if you press any key jumpCount = 1, if you press any key ++, 
    the jumpCount = 2 and the jump are 2x  (character.Cps().doubleJump())

    move : movement the character (x,y,z)  (character.Cps().move(0,0,0)
    run : apply running movement  based on move speed * (val)  ( character.Cps().run(1.5))

    stopMove : stop movement  (character.Cps().stopMove())

The current version of this module, to download here:

I hope you like =))
Thank to all