charcter modeling question

I dont know if this belongs here if not please move it to the correct section

So… I decided to create a game and when I created the main character
I came up with a questuon:
Do I animate the charecter with the difrent items on it (swords,armor,etc)
if yes, does it mean that I need to create a difrent model for each combination of items that will be on the character (diffrent sword,armors,etc)?

I’m new to the form so Hi!

you can have multiple children of the armature being deformed by it

so your armor and sword need to have corresponding bones [well, if your armor doesn’t move the same as the arms or torso or something] but they don’t need to be part of the same mesh as your character

the edit mesh change mesh actuator can be used to swap out the pieces of armor and stuff

and it all be in one model?

no it can be as many models as you want. when parenting, select the option ‘bone’ if you want an object to be parented to a single bone of your armature

k I got it thanks man :slight_smile:

not required. U have to make chra. parent with sword, knife or whatever weapon u are using. :wink: