Charge Beam

I guess this is finished for now. I did a “charge beam” based on MegaMan, or Metroid. This is the result. I was playing around with particles and modifying them with fields and deflection. I still have some stary particles leaking through the mesh, and the glow of them bleeds though a bit, but I decided to call it a night. Any feedback will be appreciated.

cool! i like the luminosity.

Oh, when I read Charge Beam I immediately thought of Metroid…
Anyway, I think it’s nice but it could need some more work. The Charge is a little bit weak if you ask me, I’d make it look bigger and thus more powerful. But heh, I’m not really experienced with particles so I don’t have a clue if that is possible.
Good job either way.

i can’t see things on putfile, just os you know… could you host it somewhere else?

Hey, thanks for the replys. I agree about the charge looking kinda weak too. Some nice SFX would help too. Anyway, I have the file hosted on too. it’s called chargebeam.avi. I can’t seem to be able to watch the videos through there, but it let’s me download them easy enough.

I downloaded it fromm your website because I can’t view putfile… it doesn’t work very well for me for no apparent reason…

I like the ball at the end. :smiley: Now make it a REAL animation… :wink:

I was actually considering making a megaman animation using this particle sequence. Maybe I’ll have an update on it soon.

AAAAH putfile… gads… what’s wrong with google video?

Everyone can see a flash movie…