Charging charged batteries ...

is this hazardous to it ?

Hehe, let’s see if I can answer both!
I’ve done it before, not on purpose, and it didn’t blow up.
Although…what’s the point?


No. If you charge a full battery, it can’t charge anymore so it won’t. This will back up electricity to the cables in your house, then back it up to powerlines, then back up electricity to a power plant, then blow it up. I guess it is hazardous then.

i keep charging the psp for a time more than needed .

in the older days of rechargeable batteries, they would get what’s called a “memory”. what this was, was that if you charged the battery too often before it fully emptied out it’s energy, it would only charge that much. for example, if you only used 10% of it, then stuck it on the charger, it would only charge the 10% back. so if you kept doing that, eventually, it would only “remember” to charge 10%. so if one day you used up 100% of it’s power, and stuck it on the charger, even tho it was empty, it would still only remember to charge the 10%.

BUT, like i said, that was in the old days of rechargeable batteries. shouldn’t be that way now. i would think that you’d be fine keeping yourself charged up.

Wasn’t that specific to Ni-Cad batteries?

Well charging = heat. Over heated batteries = exploding acid rain. First result from google ‘sigh’

I thought you were studying mechatronic engeneering. Don´t you have a Eletronic class? Have you never exploded a capacitor in a eletronic laboratory class?

There is the “memory” problem and the battery could explode. It does not explode because there are safety mechanisms to interrupt the current when the carge is full.

yes mech student , but new , circuit labaratory would be next semester … , thanks … :slight_smile: .