"Charisma The (Space) Chameleon" from my upcoming game

I’m fairly new to Blender (coming from 3ds max) and I’m working on making assets for a 3d game. So far I’ve done modelling, texturing, rigging, animating, and morph targets with Blender for the character. Lots to learn!

Doesn’t look like I can attach gifs, so I attached a static image to this thread. Here’s Charisma in animated form:


Any suggestions for how to improve the jump animation? The legs going straight doesn’t feel right to me.

You can get an idea of the world she lives in from this gif: https://twitter.com/andrewray/status/724678437160386560


Ha, cute! I was going through this forum looking for inspiration and the bright green caught my eye. Nice trick lol. I agree the jump animation could use a touch up but overall “Charisma” looks pretty complete. How long have you been using Blender for? I’m just getting started.

Also that gameplay gif is mind bending. Really interesting concept. Keep it up!

How long have you been using Blender for? I’m just getting started.

Thanks! Not long, maybe a few months. But I’m coming from 3ds max so I have some minor 3d experience. Blender’s a pretty impressive open source project and there’s a lot of tutorials available on almost anything you could want.

Also that gameplay gif is mind bending.

Thanks again. If you want you can sign up for updates at http://charismachameleon.com (can I post links?). I just finished the homepage. I’ll post more animation updates and assets in this thread of course. Blender has been critical in the 3d content creation so far.

Nothing special this time, just some low poly game assets:


Because of limitations of the game engine, I had to make it in two parts:

And finally, here it is in action (the best part!)


I tried to make it pretty classicly “button”-y. Is it obvious enough? I’m also thinking of adding a decal to the button face to indicate what it might do.


Working on a new character now, name undecided:

I think the parrot needs some more prominent eyes to match the theme.