Charles Barkely: the Roleplaying Game

Hey guys, before blenderartists I frequented another forum that was mostly directed to making amateur roleplaying games using various programs.

Here is a trailer that a couple of those guys have made about their new project. I just thought it was so awesome that I’d share. I dont’ really go there often anymore - but this trailer is just slamdunktastarrific if you ask me.

its like pokemon…
ehh…i thought it would be more 3d like from the intro…
let me down…:frowning:

don’t hate! that’s my old forum you’re talking about =)

I guess I should have mentioned it is 2d yeah - considering this is a site about 3d :yes:

silly me

but 2d is awesome!

so is 3d

I’m spinnnnning


oh ok…
what platform is it for? PC?