Charmx Portrait

3D model of Charmx (youtuber)

Sculpting, texturing, hair… done in blender2.81, rendered in cycles.

C&C Welcome.


Amazing, It’s him - - $

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Thank u :smile:

You should make a fake video, where he admits he’s turned on by old ladies, or seals - - $

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nice work!
Though I might add he has a more joyful and puffy cheeks when I google him.
also I might add the details from closeup are good but when you get far it’s not adding up (texture colors seem lacking).
also face wrinkles look too much on him.

maybe it’s the lighting and camera, maybe not. but by fixing these small things you’ll get much much better results.

And again, good job!

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Yeah I see what u mean, thanks :+1:

Quanto tempo de modelagem??

The modeling took around 6-8 hours

Wow, I did not expect someone to make a detailed 3D Model of Karl (Charmx’s real name). Its looking pretty great.

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Yes, I even tweet the render to him but it looks like he hasn’t seen it yet :worried:

Holy shit, I’ve done charmx in blender and its nothing like this! this is fucking amazing looking! How long do you work in blender?

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Thanks Roxy :+1:, I’ve been using blender for many years now but only until recently I’m able to do more complex/realistic models,it took me around 15 hours to make charmx’s head from start to the final render