Charts (bar, pie, area etc)

I do a lot of presentations and would like to be able to render attractive 3D charts in Blender.

I have had a look around but cant really find a plugin or software that seems to fit the bill.

Does anyone know of any plugin that allows chart generation within blender. Alternatevely any software that can generate the chart then export as a mesh for import into Blender.


If svg helps and if you’re not afraid of some of python…
CairoPlot - another python library which says it could generate svg

Wouldn’t Excel > PDF > Inkscape > SVG > Blender essentially do the trick?

I’m not sure SVG would fit the bill as i’d have to do so much additional modelling to make it 3d that it probably wouldn’t be much faster than modelling the chart by hand.

I was thinking more along the lines of an application or add on that can create a 3d chart like below in a mesh format (.obj or such like).


Excel allows 3d charts to be created - but has no export function.

There’s this attachment problem again… “Invalid Attachment specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator”

Since image is not here… if that’s a bar chart - cubes of a different height in a row, that’s manageable from something like an addon.
Same goes to pie chart, could be a bit more involved due to gaps between slices and what not.
I was more to, since text and line rendering in Blender is a [censored] you’d be better off having bars rendered in Blender and all the surrounding jazz - lines, grids, texts still being svg.
Me personally, i would prefer final all svg over the pixels anyways.