chase scene

Started as an experiment with compositing backgrounds from BI into foregrounds from cycles.

Stars are particles in BI, sun is an emitting sphere in BI, ships are rendered in cycles.

There’s a lot of compositing nodes in there, it takes a lot longer to do the compositing than to render but it means i can adjust pretty much everything.

rendertime is 30 seconds per frame at 1920x1080

This second one is brighter on the ships, lit slightly more accurately, but sun glare is reduced

Left hand ship is a slightly changed version of the amazing model made by Chris Kuhn, you can find it here

Crits and suggestions etc welcome :slight_smile:

If you want some critic it’s way shiny

It’s way to bright and way to dark all at the same time. Also, the camera is looking at the star, but the space ship is lit from behind the camera and in front of the camera.

Changed it a bit, see first post

I really like this! Good job! Hope to see an animation :slight_smile: