Chase through the souk.

So I have an idea in my head for a scene with some high-tech police chasing a thief/assassin through a crowded street market. I think I got inspired by the new Deus Ex trailer and thinking back to all the great moments and settings from the first game.

Just some concepts and stuff so far, plus a basic block in of the scene for composition/lighting purposes. I think it’s good to get those clear first.

Composition Concepts:

A bit of a ref hunt for inspiration:

Block in, switched to a landscape aspect ratio, as I want to show more of the market.

That is looking promising, escpecially when I consider the previous work you have shown here. I am looking forward to see this progressing.

More block in:

Amazing, I can’t believe how fast you are working :slight_smile:

cool start :slight_smile:

So I suppose, you intentionally go for a complete symmetric composition. Are there any thoughts linked to this particular choice ?

yeah, really fast, and looking good! :slight_smile:

is this the point of view your going to use for the scene? I think the composition’s perhaps a bit too symmetrical…

edit: loramel asked almost the same thing while I was typing :smiley:

The symmetrical composition is mostly because I want to allow space to show the thief character running away in the centre, beset on both sides of the image by pursuers closing in. Eventually the characters in the scene will help break up the symmetry of the composition slightly. The setting also lent itself to the choice.

Anyway, screw the rule of thirds. Nothing bores me more. It’s the default blue background of the composition world.

love the work :slight_smile: perhaps the stones texture/map could be multiplied by 0.7 for size, they look a little chunky for a walk way.

Paintover of the sort of thing that’s going to be going on in the final image…

looks like a middle-eastern conception of blade runner or minority report, or some combination. I think your workflow is very sound, at least from a concept/sketch point of view. Nice to see.

Reminds me of a scene I saw from Durian/Sintel.

But man, do those tiles look cool or what?

Last update for today, just testing a few more materials. None of that building geometry is sticking around, but I want to know the colours work.

okay. one more. Didn’t like the darker wood on those pillars:

For reference images you should google for screenshots from Assassins Creed as this concept (low tech) and location setting is exactly what the majority of the game involves.

@ EsemkayL There’s definitely a bit of an assassins creed influence, more of a modern setting though.

Got to thinking about props. I’m fairly sure I’m going to end up making on of these beautiful machines:

Isn’t it great? It’s called a Suvega moped. I thought it fit the theme perfectly. Plus there’s loads of great reference out there from people who restore them as a hobby. I found a great thread here.

Not much progress on the scene as a whole, just some work on the building on the right. I’ll post updates later.

haha. What a great distraction. Spent most of the day on the bike:

Still not finished obviously.

WOW how did you the modelling of the bike in this time??

Can’t wait to see the scene finished!! :smiley:

You might want to try lowering the outside walls a little bit, to me they seem to clutter things. Good job so far though.

Probably as much detail as the bike will get:

wow, the bike looks really clean, and you did it pretty fast!