Chasing Calm

I want to improve this scene but I’m not really sure what to do with out taking the model overboard. I’m open to adjusting the lights, however I am trying to achieve that dark room look. I actually like the look of the render, but I don’t feel like it’s up to par with other renders similar to it and I’m not sure what to do to give it that edge. PLS HLP!!

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I don’t really know about lighting. What I would change a bit is the pose of the characters for better readability (specially the guy of the left), but I guess that’s not what you are looking for.


Very Interesting Character Layout. Love the design of the scene.

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Any information is useful and all will be considered. That’s why I put this render in the critiques section :slight_smile:. Thanks for your input!

Ok. A bit of feedback on the posing.

General layout: the layout is quite good. Personally I would sit them on a more of a 3/4 view so that we could see a bit more of their faces and torsos, but I guess it’s ok if this is what you are looking for.

The girl: looks quite nice to be honest. Her hands look too flat probably because her fingers are in the same plane as the palm and both hands are parallel to the ground. I would rotate the hands a bit more towards one side of another and change the fingers to get a more graceful hand poses. Her body pose is great, I love the crossed legs, I only would probably push that body pose a bit more if possible, but it’s ok as now.

The guy: his pose is confusing to me. I don’t even know what he is doing with his hands. Is he eating something? is it a chess piece in his mouth or is he biting his nails? What is he looking at (the screen or the chess board)? Is he worried about the chess game or is it something else? In general he is a bit too rigid and symetrical, torso too straight. I would fix the unclear things mentioned before (make clear where is he looking at, what is he doing with his hands…). I would like to see some of his hidden left hand/arm, maybe bend his torso and change his feet/legs to a more asymmetrical pose.

Well those are a few suggestions in case you want to improve the posing.

Well done and keep the good work.

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Wow, thanks for this. Very useful critiques you’ve dropped on me.

I was thinking about the poses, specifically the hands and torsos. I feel like I got trapped between presenting the poses how I thought they should look versus what’s appealing and easy to read. I gotta go fix the male character, no one seems to be able to read his pose. FYI, he’s rolling “dubbie” lol, while simply, blankly staring in front of him. I tried to emphasize his actions with the paraphernalia props around him, but I can’t get those object clearly lit without over lighting the scene. Adjusting his pose could be the way to go, might even have to bring the camera in closer to get more detail…

You’ve left me with somethings to think about and I really appreciate it. I’ll post an update to the render after I gotten a bit more input from the community.

Thanks for taking the time to help me out. You’re awesome.