Chasing Star Kachina

Hey guys, here’s something new i’m working on its an alien thats a spin off of the chasing star kachina. Kachinas acording to the native americans in the south west are these spirits that live in the San Francisco mountains. At least thats what I’ve read. This little project I’m working on is sort of like Stargate, except it’s a bit more closer to home.
Well here is Chasing Star Kachina.
And I modeled the body myself :smiley: .

You really should post a bigger picture :-? Kinda hard to make out the details. However, from what I can see he lacks shoulders?

heres an update.
I need a little bit of help on how I can get an advanced alien technology look but yet keep a primative feel at the same time.

maybe integer some eletronic piece in the flesh?

goo model!