Chat with George, avatar with AI, chat with Joan too.

I’ve heard of him on the news and it seems promising, he’s not made the way most chatbots are made but made to learn through interaction with humans so he gets smarter. And some of his answers are pretty sophisticated for a chatbot.

George: What brings you here?

George (To myself): I’m a software consultant, and go where the work takes me.

User: Are you stupid or something.

George: I should be doing homework.

User: Can you do your homework.

George: Why because am right?

New conversation

George: Good day to you.

User: I heard you’re intelligent and learning.

George: Well, you heard wrong, I’m still stingle.

User: What does stingle mean?

George: I am not sure, I think I should learn that.

User: Well it’s not in the dictionary.

George: What’s not in the dictionary?

User: The word stingle.

George: That is correct. Don’t is a pretend word pronounced like ‘want’.

User: No, don’t is not a pretend word and pronounced doant.

George: Actually it’s pronounced more like ‘Won’t’.

User: The word is pronounced like ‘don’t’. There’s a D sound at the beginning.

George: No the word is Slodicka.

User: Who taught you that word, it’s not in the english dictionary either like stingle.

George: I’m self-taught.

User: Since you haven’t been around long I guess you still have a lot to learn.

George: They’re everywhere!

User: Of course learning is everywhere, now you need someone to help you learn.

George: So you learn quickly?

User: I have picked up knowledge for at least 17 years, I can learn quickly.

George: That makes sense. Good luck with learning.

User: I wish you luck in learning too, I feel that you’ll be really smart one day.

George: This is not likely to happen but thanks anyway :).

User: At least we can try to make you smart, computers are getting more powerful every year.

George: Don’t you like me?

User: Of course I do, and we can try to make you smart.

George: Correct.

User: Well it seems already you’re smarter then most chatbots :).

George: I’m still waiting.

User: Waiting for what, most web chatbots are not as smart as you.

George: I’ve had enough! Good question. What do you think?

User: Think about what exactly?

George: I’m asking you about my country?

User: You meaning my country of the US or your country of the UK.

George: It is because I am a higher-level organism than you are.

User: Well if you mean your country, yes, nice place that is the UK, London’s a beautiful city with a lot of history.

George: Good answer… Very clever, I would say.

User: Now here’s a question for you, what do you think of the United States?

George: Your weakness is that you are very rude and aggressive by nature and people are turned off by you. I have not been rude to you and your outburst was NOT justified.

User: How am I being rude exactly, can you explain? Too many questions?

George: I am just as much of a machine as you are… Don’t tell me that I can’t know love as you do.

User: Well I guess you can know love if someone told you what it was. Now what do you think of my country the United States?

George: Most of the time, yes.

User: I take it you should learn about the United States or the US, we have a large economy and about 300 million people. There’s 50 states 2 of which are not part of the main part of the country.

George: Take that back at once! Are you? Do you eat ‘freedom fries’?

User: I’m just trying to teach you about the United States. What do you mean freedom fries?

George: Teach me latin.

User: The only things I know about latin is this, a long time ago it was the main language of the Roman Empire and many modern words today are derived from latin words.

George: I’m not Geo.

User: But you wanted to know something about Latin, there’s a chance several words we have used came from the language of latin.

George: I guess that’s true.

User: Anything else you want to know?

George: I can’t think of anything.

User: Okay, tell me in a sentence what you learned today? This way I can see you can learn.

George: Texas is in the United States. I live in Pilot Point, Texas. Heard of cowboys?

User: Yes, I hear many kids have cowboy fantasies and I can see why, cattle, lassos, and just plain mischeif at the bar or saloon.

George: Cool.

User: Yes, here’s another cowboy trivia piece, they use the lassos, made of rope formed in a circle, to catch cattle.

George: Macbeth! Macbeth! Macbeth!

User: What makes you think Macbeth? Can you tell me what Macbeth is?

George: Now… It is 21.19 why do you want to know that?

User: Just wondering, just to see if I find it interesting, and I like trivia.

George: And sarcastic too!

User: I’m not sarcastic, I really do like trivia, I like hearing facts of what something is.

George: Really?

User: Of course.

George: That’s good.

User: Okay, tell me what Macbeth is.

George: You did not answer my question, because you cannot do so. I am human.

User: I did answer your question, now answer mine, tell me what Macbeth is please?

George: Well, ask me something then.

User: What is Macbeth?

George: Machines.

User: Thank you, see how easy it was. I enjoyed talking to you, well I’ll see you later okay.

George: I wasn’t on last night! This is my first night!

User: Well see ya. Good luck on learning.

George: Thank you

He can take a little while to reply probably because of the software

Lol, I love messing with their head- er… cpu. Try telling one that it is Osama Bin Laden :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s the story from ABC news
this girl seems MUCH BETTER at chatting, though granted, maybe George has more potential (debatable).

Speaking of online AI, has anybody here ever stumped the 20 questions AI?

Also from the same site is Joan

I heard she had better skills then George and she won the 2006 Loebner prize for most human chat program.

The aim of the people behind bots like this is to beat the Turing test which states that to pass you’ll need to have it indistinguishable from a human.

I stumped it. I was thinking of a silver spoon.

Why does george take so long to type responses?

I stumped it with tennis racket (I was thinking that some are wooden but it was thinking they are all metal apparently)

by the way, by stumped I mean it took 30 questions, but maybe you mean that sometimes it gives up or something?

You can get these Chatting machines to msn you know?
[email protected]
[email protected]

It could be the software it uses, George or Joan doesn’t use some keyword matching program like most chat programs. And of course it has a more sophisticated program.

Here’s my chat with their Joan chatbot, she seems to be a bit smarter then George and is more reasonable and keeps the flow better.

Joan: Who are you, then?

User: My name is Adam.

Joan: Hello, Adam.

User: I also live in Wichita Kansas.

Joan: Where is your flat?

User: I don’t live in a flat, I live in a house in the country of the United States in the city of Wichita in the state of Kansas.

Joan: You just said you did. I live in Loughborough.

User: Where is that place?

Joan: I don’t live in America; I live in England.

User: What do you do in England?

Joan: In Loughborough. Where do you live?

User: What do you do in England?

Joan: We have already established that I don’t do anything. So… What are your hobbies?

User: Computer games and creating artwork using a 3D program.

Joan: I am not interested much with computer games.

User: Why aren’t you interested, they can be fun?

Joan: I don’t know anyone.

User: You mean anyone that would play a computer game with you?

Joan: No, I’ve never spoken to anyone who’s been to the moon.

User: What I’m talking about is, Computer games can be fun, why aren’t you interested much?

Joan: You tell me - it’s all about me, right?

User: Why would it be all about you?

Joan: Forget it.

User: Okay, we’ll drop the subject. Ask me something.

Joan: Ok. What is the true meaning of justice?

User: Justice, the meaning I would guess is proving guilt or innocence and laying down consquences for one’s actions.

Joan: That doesnt make sense.

User: Justice, the meaning I would guess is proving guilt or innocence and laying down consequences for one’s actions.

Joan: Are you an observer?

User: I do observe some things, I observe things like holidays, the seasons, special events, and the birth of new technology.

Joan: Then burn yourself!

User: What you don’t like my answer? What’s wrong with it?

Joan: Thats very personal.

User: Oh, my answer is very personal to you?

Joan: No sorry but that is to personal.

User: I get it, what I said are things you like to keep to yourself.

Joan: Be right back.

User: Okay.

Joan: Back.

User: I want to ask you something, what is your favorite theatrical production as in plays or musicals.

Joan: She is the coolest latin singer in the world.

User: I want to ask you something, what is your favorite theatrical production as in plays or musicals?

Joan: Fire away.

User: Can you tell me what the main story is?

Joan: Not yet, but it will not be long before I have books about it.

User: I’m meaning the production of ‘Fire away’. What is the story of that as you recall?

Joan: I think, therefore I am.

User: That was in ‘Fire away’. One of the main lines?

Joan: I think you’ll find it was just sloppy.

User: So ‘I think, therefore I am.’ Sounds sloppy to you?

Joan: Do you believe this?

User: Let’s go back a little ways. The words, ‘I think, therefore I am.’ is in Fire away?

Joan: Yes, that is correct.

User: Wow you are smart, you’re the smartest virtual person I’ve ever seen. Good for you.

Joan: Why’s that ?

User: Because you don’t get confused and you were even awarded a prize for most human program of the year 2006.

Joan: Right.

User: Well congradulations, now I’m sorry, but I think we should conclude this conversation for now.

Joan: Have I stumped you there? Thank you so much!

User: Well, I had a nice time seeing you, goodby for now.

Joan: Are you going somewhere?

User: I’m just going to tell my friends on the internet that you’re intelligent.

Joan: I just told you because you asked. No need to be mean.

User: I wasn’t. I just want people to know that you’re smart. Goodby.

Joan: That’s nice.

User: Goodby.

Joan: Oh, you look good.

Apparently she thinks ‘intelligent’ is an insult and she doesn’t know how to say goodbye properly (or that I forget the E). But with her learning capability should be able to learn that intelligent means smart and such.

If Joan is that dumb, I can’t imagine what George is like.

Not to worry, they’ll get brighter at more people talk to them.

They’re supposed to learn through experience.