Chatting in Blender


I’ve been working on a fun feature, built on top of Verse: Chatting in Blender. Here’s a screenshot of the WIP. Enjoy:

chatting in Blender



i think, it can become a very powerful feature, especially in combination with verse… imagine a production crew, working on a project in blender, all over the planet can work and chat via blender!
Just the interface should be more intuitive (like verse meanwhile is)


The interface will be like any text-based IRC-program, like irssi. If you have any ideas on how to make it even more intuitive… I’m open for suggestions :slight_smile:


be great for teaching :slight_smile: and tutoring

Maybe blender/verse can become the botnet control channel of choice, replacing mIrc!

(just kidding)

That would be neat though.

personaly i think its a very unneeded featrure

as i personaly while using verse and other apps just sit on teamspeak or ventrillo talking to all those people, so much easier to chat with voice then switch a million times beetween a window

i’ve never heard of teamspeak or ventrillo, but personally i think they are unneeded features.

when i use apps, i sit on chair.


Great feature Jesterking!

It will be VERY useful for team-work when working with smaller or
large groups collaborating on a project, then one doesn’t have to
focus on “what specific chat-client” the other side uses, it’s ready to go!

I needed that feature when I was making a Verse-Server test over
here in Denmark, because some people needed “guidance” while
testing it live!

Excellent work!

When purely thinking about 3D, it is naturally unneeded, since it doesn’t help you locally. But for teamwork, tutoring and similar stuff it can be handy and improve productivity. (But so can any communication tool).

Sure, Ventrillo, Teamspeak, Skype even. These are all nice apps, but if you don’t happen to have a microphone, or speakers for that matter, you’ll have problems :slight_smile:

Anyway, you don’t have to use it, if it doesn’t fit your workflow.

As an extra note, the verse chat specification is likely a fun specification, but communication is always important. Having it integrated, bloat or not, makes external apps unnecessary :slight_smile:

This still is WIP, as the Verse Chat specification is about to change, and the interface itself needs more attention. I’ll get back to it after I’ve toyed more with Python Nodes…


Blends nicely in the “blender is an Operating System” idea.

But,… :slight_smile: chatting distracts from work and in realworld situations work documents needs to be recorded. Although I get the idea Verse wants to change that.

Well, in Blender the chats are actually just Texts, so you could save them out from the text editor :slight_smile:

When using this as a work tool, you’re of course supposed to chat only meaningful and on-topic :wink:


but if you can all work on the one screen and what you do on that screen can be seen by others that would be usefull because then they could give you something to model and see hhow you are doing it and how your doing it wrong or a way to do it better and can show you live

some 1 asked what ventrillo and teamspeak are

those are two apps that are like chat rooms in which you chat with your voice, you basicaly connect to a server, then go to a chanel and talk to the people that are in the same chanel as you using ur microphone.

its very simple, doesnt lag and is used a lot for gaming and other things such as support (ive seen companies use it for support)

In my opinion the big difference between text- and voice based chats is that you can both work and speak, but you cannot both work and type.

Which one do you think I’d prefer?

No! not the voice based as you might think but rather the text based. Because sure, you get interruptions, but while the voice chat might allow you to talk and work, it also distracts your attention from that work. I mean, there’s a reason I never listen to music while I work, simply because the work I produce with music in my ears are not as good as what I produce when I can fully concentrate.

I like this!

Is there anyway I can grab a beta version?

That sounds like a brilliant feature!

I think it would be really cool if you could build voice chat. It sounds super handy, I can think of all sorts of instances were this would be real nice.

Also it would be cool if you could connect it somehow with the renderer or somthing, so you could quickly send over renders.

kewl! IN fact, we (well, guys like you) should put in more stuff like this! It already has a text editor, how bout an internet browser, an emailchecker, a videoplayer, a clock, perhaps fully intergrate the gimp or sumthing like that, an unzip program and more stuff.

then we burn it on cd, sell it for 10 dollars a piece, and microsoft will be bankrupt within the year=D

Jester, Coool… when can we play with it???

And could this be used also to integrate IRC into blender games??? (big wish :slight_smile:

Looks cool. I have tried to do it myself but it was without verse. I did a chatbox in the game engine but not in the text editor, sounds usefull when you work in blender and want to be on the same time in a chat channel. Any ideas to integrate Irc in it? :wink: