Cheap excavator Simulator

Ok So I was looking online for some cheap or free software that would let someone practice using a hydraulic excavator. Well the only thing I found was some outrageously expensive setup that includes a Chair with joysticks attached and all. What I aim to do is make a cheap simulator that uses two USB joysticks. I dont know much about the blender Game engine, however I have done some simple modeling.

My question is one of dirt. Can you create a digable ground. made of particles or something. and could you “Dig” these particles with a solid Scoop?? and is there support for two joysticks? and is there support for force feedback??

Thank you for all you guys do here!!

I will check on the digable dirt, I had a similar problem with plowable snow. But if you can find a driver or program that works with your joysticks and relates there movements to mouse buttons or keyboard buttons then it is possible to use that in bge.