cheap graphics tablet question

so I have this monoprice tablet (the one with 8 express keys) and it has 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity. After few months of owning it, I discovered a new tablet (that looks better look and specs wise :() called the huion h610. The company was also selling the digitizer separately. in the list of the compatible devices the digitizer worked on, my monoprice was in there. It also mentions that it has 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity (here comes my question)
if I buy it for my tablet, will it increase the pressure sensitivity? meaning, does the pressure sensitivity rely on the digitizer?

P.S. please spare me of the “get a wacom, it’s much better” comments. I know it’s better but as millions of people would tell you, it’s not cheap.

get a wacom, it’s not cheap… sorry, but it’s worth it…

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did you read the question? especially the last 2 sentences?

I did, you said it’s not cheap… of course it’s not cheap, but wacom is really worth the money you spend on it… it’s that good… for 199$ you get a Wacom Intuos Pen&Touch Medium it’s the same size as huion h610 that costs 60$ … I have a cousin that bought a Genius tablet A4 format, but never used it because it was garbage… so don’t waste your money buying some cheap chinese crap, but instead save up and invest in a far more quality product such as this japanese wacom intuos is…

I have a monoprice one (as explained above) and it works perfectly. There is litteraly only one thing I want to be fixed about it and it is the pressure sensitivity. And the huion H610 fixes that. I did not ask if I should get a wacom or not. I simply asked about the digitizer. If you can’t answer that, please tell me about anything else but wacom :frowning: