Cheating at the Olympics


I can understand wanting gold on your home turf, but if this is true, I have lost a lot of respect for the people’s republic of china.

A strange world…

Your thoughts…

I didn’t read all of that, but (if this wasn’t what that was about…doubtful) the Alicia Sacramoni is making me mad right now.

I think I lost my innocence on this particular subject thanks to Ben Johnson way back in the late 1980’s olympics. At that time my fellow school kids used the term "I think that it is a disgrace . . . . " for the essays on drug cheats in the olympic. I don’t think the America’s as a whole were pointed at.

Regarding China as whole - just remember there are some good folks out there who outnumber the meanie’s. Why is it that the meanie’s get the spotlight ? In my opinion, China’s strict laws should be used to teach a good lesson to the individualistic greedy hounds of the western world who actions lead to the financial crisis. But who am I to comment ? The next big financial crash will from the Asia’s again - Asian Flu 2.

So if China has been manufacturing its own success at the Olympics then they shouldn’t deserve perhaps half of their gold medels.

The Chinese government must have very poor sportsmanship to pull such a thing at the Olympics. Next they’ll give their athletes secret steroids.

Really???!, How did you know?? Do you think anyone else would use SECRET STEROIDS???!

I haven’t watched even one gymnastics competition this year.

I was kinda sour after what happened in 04. This stuff has just turned me off all together. I was fascinated by those insane little pixies. But why do they go through all this only to be robbed. There’s no doubt in my mind they are stupidly talented individuals.

But this is crap.:no:

Ah, wonderful China… link

Usain Bolt just broke another world record in the 200m!!!

Why is that dude playing around w/ google and wikipedia?
If it’s true the guys running the Olympics should know it already.

Actually, is seems more they don’t really care. And he’s not playing with google. The information he found is from the Chinese governments sports site.

What matters more is why the records are being deleted. Don’t you think?

This shows they are trying to hide something, but why? If there were another He Kexin, with another birthday, or there were just an error on the site, why not just acknowledge it and move on, no?

There are million and one ways they could spin it to convince people, but they op to just destroy records.

If you take a look in Chine history then you can’t really blame their behavior of today. I mean, normal country or city folks were forced to denounce their family in public and have them executed at times, etc, etc. While I don’t condone what Chine is doing today I agree with Kbot, and those meanies are most likely products of what China’s previous goverment did to them. Well, previous as in…I dont know. They kinda still have the same guys-_-
But meh, Im not watching the Olympics, the spirit of the Olympics has been broken with China’s behavior.

PS: Wow, the google hacking thing is scary0_0

Hmm, if they get to make the rules, than they can also override them.

If the committee seriously doesn’t care, then why should we? Most of these events would be harder to do at younger age.

Not Gymastics. Lighter, Faster, Younger… Most gymnasts are done by the time they reach 16. That’s what makes this sickening.

About the not caring part… you should be careful with thoughts like that…:yes:

For example:

I mean, normal country or city folks were forced to denounce their family in public and have them executed at times, etc, etc.

If if the People’s Republic of China doesn’t care, why should we?

I’m talking about an organized group of people coming together to see who’s best. If you run the olympics, than you run it. 'nough said.

It’s their responsibility, not ours.

If china feels like cheating, let them cheat. Let them take the medal with shame.

That’s fair enough. The Chinese didn’t write the rules to this competition though.

I’m not talking 'bout the chinese running it…


PS: Wow, the google hacking thing is scary0_0
What they’re doing on the website or what they suspect someone else is doing?

Meh, olympic gymnastics is a bunch of subjective BS anyway(if you saw the event where the USA and chinese gymnast tied floor excercises IIRC, yet because of the most convoluted scoring for anything ever it wasn’t a “tie”… that and the part where one chinese gymnast fell on her face during the vault and pushed another who didn’t off of the medal podium, the romainian guy ranting at bob costas was kinda funny, but damn these kids worked hard…)

There’s no goal, finishline, course or target, just a bunch of impresionable “judges” puling scores out of their asses, and a tie break system that’s retarded…

If it was some sort of race or obstacle course that put all these flips and such in practice maybe it wouldn’t be BS…

The 14 years old fiasco is all over one of the national news channels here, just shows this has gotton out.

Ha, I’ve lost all my respect a long time ago…remember why we didn’t want China running the olympics in the first place?

All Chinese people, you are not bad. Your government is. Do everything you can to change it. With enough people, you will make a difference.