Check out my Bawls!

I got the idea a while back to do a tribute to the drik that keeps all of us alive: everyone’s favorite, Bawls, the energy drink so caffeinated that more than two bottles over a short amount of time can cause liver trouble. To start out a soon to be looooong line of ball jokes, let me say, take a good long look at my bawls and tell me if you like them.
my bawls still need texturing, though.

It’s also my first ever sincere try at HDRI, so if my Bawls look sort of weird, please let me know. I really need somr HDR tips. On the other hand, however, if you like my bawls, tell me how much you like them.

Man, who came up with that name?! They were like asking for decades of immature jokes!

Well, i’ll shut up now, so C&C wanted please.

…hehe… Bawls…

(sorry I just can’t bring myself to make any bawls jokes this early in the morning)

The bottle itself looks really great, except for the bumps that are on it which I think should be a little larger in radius and less spaced out.


I really like it. Well done, what kinda settings did you use for the glass, if I may ask?

Someday you’ll have to explain to your children why you put a picture of your bawls on the internet. %|

I did some fixing, 'cause when i took a look at my reference bottle, the neck was too long. and i fixed the grip nubs, too. i’m not too sure i got the HDR right, though.
I think my Bawls are becoming quite snazzy

If you need to know…
That’s why my bawls look so hot. Plus I used HDRI, though i think sumthin’s wrong. someone please tell me.

Till next update, keep on oggling my Bawls. They’re for your pleasure.

Yeah, you know you love it.

grip nubs! grip nubs! grip nubs! grip nubs! grip nubs! grip nubs!

say that ten times fast!

You’ve got a beautiful set of bawls there! Nice work!

Hey i have to admit you got bawls to do that sort of thing. Good work


"hey mum, I’ve just been tweaking my bawls, …

I got the front label on after making it inphotoshop.
I need the back label, but i’m too lazy to type that much. i might have to, though.

No jokes this time. in a rush to get new motherboard.