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Hello every1 pls remember to check out my cg products portfolio on turbosquid.Also remember to share these links,it would help a lot.

My latest product a self designed autonomous car

My whole portfolio

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try to make something more realistic there is more demand for them

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Thanks for the advice.Maybe I will eventually I always was planning to but I plan to take more time on those.But you’d also be surprised that there’s a decent audience for this type of stuff too.It’s art everyone has there own style and different people will find it to there liking or not.

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Hello again guys and girls here’s my latest car model check it out.
I have many more renders coming in as soon as possible but I have a few you can see for now up already

compact concept styled car 11

Also please remember to check out all of my other things too

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Last two angles for this post:

Please check out the full page as more renders are shown there,link is in post directly above.

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Hello again,

Heres a small update I have made to one of my products check it out and remember to share with anyone who might be interested:

Metal bamboo water feature plus two trees

All of my portfolio

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Here’s my latest car model hope you all like it,I do plan an interior version soon but for now:

Compact electric concept styled car 12

Also please remember to check out all of my other things too

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Cool products!

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@SK0441 thanks a lot :grinning:


Remember to see my things and here’s a small update for the the stool type 2 and round breakfast table:

potted orange orchid flower

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Also just a quick side console shot for the concept styled autonomous car 2 remember to check it out and all my other things. too.

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Small toon styled cliff now downloadable with the the round toon tree.

round toon tree and toon cliff

Also remember check out all my other stuff too

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Remember ro check out my things and here’s my latest.More renders coming in.

Toon styled paved grass area

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Also pls check out my redbubble portfolio where I have attempted art work that can be bought in many forms such as,iPhone cases and Samsung too,iPad cases,wall canvases,stickers plus more.Please check them out and let others know.

My redbubble portfolio

Jus some quick screenshots as redbubble doesn’t allow to save the actual images:

(Sha) #15

Concept styled coupe 1 interior version

Remember to see my other things too pls

Just a quick post here in the promotions area.Remember to pls share with those you might feel are potentially interested.