Check out my cg products portfolio guys.Cars,furniture,plants+more

Hey guys I’ve been selling models up on turbosquid for a while now here is my portfolio and let me know your thoughts.
BTW I have way more things coming up in the coming months so please be sure to check up frequently. just click the link below please.

Shariff’s portfolio

here’s a taste of some of my works


Moved to Finished Projects. Personal portfolio work doesn’t belong in the Discussion forum.

Have you sold much on TS?

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i will say this much

yes I sell a decent amount and over time the sales amount increases, ur badge level helps u get seen too and u just need to keep it up this also gets u seen.

sorry and thank u very much.

a taste of some of my other works:

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some more

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My portfolio has been updated so remember to check it out guys.

Shariff’s portfolio

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Hey guys don’t forget to check out my portfolio of 3d model products.

Shariff’s portfolio

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Remember to check out my portfolio of my products guys and girls.

shariff’s products portfolio

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don’t forget to check out my portfolio of concept cars and more, also more updates coming soon.

remember to see my works, maybe even buy something.
thank u

This car model is now available on blender
concept styled sports car

just a reminder guys dont forget to check out my portfolio

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They seem awesome:yes:


Dont for get to see my portfolio the link is in the first post of this thread.

heres one of my latest updates:

compact commuter 4

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Hello again please remember to see my work. please remember to set the search state to newest on the page for my newer works to show first.

my work

here’s a shot of my newest product.

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remember to see my work guys. Dont forget to let me know what u think please.

my t.squid portfolio

here a preview of one of my latest.

dont forget to check out my work please. the link to my work is just in the post above.

remember to see my work please

my 3d model products