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Remember to check out my portfolio:

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Public indoor seating

Remember to please check out my portfolio.

Latest a sports car wheel

My portfoilio

Here’s another wheel design:

28 inch sports wheel 2

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Here’s another quick one from me:

Wooden patterned door 1

My portfolio

Keep it up.
I like your design ideas.

Your last car rather needs tires. Or, if its intended that way, I must confess its a bit curious for my eyes. But all-in-all: good job.

Thanks very much. btw that car without the tyres actually does come with full wheels I just took this shot this way for aesthetics,made it a few years back to promote my works in general.I guess I just have always loved that concepty sketch vibe on things.

Remember to check out my t.squid portfolio.

All my stuff car 3

Car wheel & seat

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It is the same car you show in the link?

I like its design. My main concern here …
a driver needs to be able to see at both sides.

Is there a way a driver could do? Are there cameras? Or, is it AI driven?

Keep it up.

Thanks a lot I like how this one came out too.Yes the link does lead to the same shown car and my portfolio of my other cg model products on that site and also yeah the design was intended as an autonomous/AI car.

Please guys and girls remember to check out my things here’s another attempt at some furniture:

Wooden side tables and chairs small pack 1

All my t.squid things

Very nice. Do you get a lot of response from this forum?

Thanks.I do seem to get a bit more traffic into my portfolio on T.squid through putting my stuff on forum pages like this as compared to when I don’t and sales seem to be a bit more too so, it helps.It’s the work that I put my best into that obviously get the best attention compared to my admittedly rushed things.That’s the top priority in situations like this,do your best in the quality of the design and aesthetic field and you’ll get attention.

One more quick shot for the forums:
Wooden side tables and chairs small pack 1

All my t.squid things