check out new maya 6 toys

just amazing what they show in the movies

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I guess what we’re trying to say is: mind posting a link?

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flight lol use your brain!

Well, I spent a little while DL those hair sample movies, and boy, do their dynamics look pretty neat. I wonder how long it really did take to create them whit those new tools.

Those are some sweet bells and whistles! Some of those new features will almost do the 3d work for you. I wonder which top level 3d app will introduce some new uv tools that will make uv editing totally painless. New features in uv mapping are my main concern for any 3d app upgrades. With all of the cool new animation workflow tools and modeling tools 3d apps often serve up with each update, they offer the same old uv mapping tools from year to year without any major uv mapping technology enhancements. Oh well. Some great new stuff in any case.

oh yes i cannot wait until get my hands on this one. i hope my new school will by the maya 6 upgrades :slight_smile: the hair is rocking awesome! and the paricle system is harrr no words for that power!

on mac maya should render 20 to 50 percent faster jupie!


great hair!
but some of their improvements are old blender features
like their “soft modification tool”
just press “o” in edit mode, baby!

and deforming partiles with a lattice?
been there, done that!

I just love blender!

Blender is a fine powerful piece of customized open source professional featured 3d software in a small package. Blender is the best open source 3d software.

But Maya is a top of the line workhorse of the best technology that high level 3d tech development money can churn out. The only 3d app up there with Maya is XSI and maybe Houdini. As Blender gets more funding and more 3d tech research is funneled through Blender in college lab environments and what not it too may some day be at this level of development. Blender may be even better than some of these apps some day. It all depends on the amount and quality of the code that we build into Blender in the end. It’s all up to what we as the 3d community see fit to do with Blender.

a just a reminder lattice deformation is in noway the same than you saw in the animation! the lattice tool is like a bayb toy compared to the particle power maya offers. but well thats a reason why maya is not free :wink:

the particle dynamics movie was interesting!

The lattice deformation demo was pretty much what we already have in blender (with a couple of exceptions!), but I wanted to see all the other options you could see in the panels…

can we please get this new particle work and hair plug in into blender :wink:

just kidding

I’ve been doing research on implementing a dynamic cloth and fibre simulaiton system into Blender using the same methods that things like Maya and 3dStudio MAX uses.

Believe me, there is a reason for charging $6000 AU for them. It would definetly take the skill of a few very generous last-year physics and math Uni students. But if Blender did have it…my god. All we would need is a feature film made with it and it would cause a revolution in the CG industry.