check out OpenDNS I tried it out and it’s much faster for me. Free, fast, easy, no risk. Can’t beat a deal like that

Twice as fast (in my experience), and easy to remember.

I don’t get it. What exactly IS it? Some kind of browser or something wtf?

DNS = what turns a domain name into an IP address so that you can actually communicate with that computer /network in question. Since numbers such as 123.123.123 are harder to remember compared to

generally, your ISP will be hooked up to a domain name server of which performance will vary.

This site is offering a free, private DNS which is (should) be faster. They also offer other usefull tools not necessarily part of a DNS, but go hand in hand with it.

edit: it also looks pretty smart! There’s a couple of things on there which I’ve always thought made Firefox etc… retarded, i.e. you type .co instead of .com. They’ll predict that and go for you instead of complaining about a non existant extension. ! :slight_smile:

.co is the TLD of Colombia, so *.co could be a valid address.


Fine!. .cmo then :stuck_out_tongue: