Check out Pixologics new ZBRUSH, awsome!

If anybody is interested, this is a very powerful and awsome program, download the demo, it’s worth it, all you got to do is give e-mail, and they will send code to use. Check it out, it is amazing. If you do, make sure you click, where it says click here first, it will show you where to click to open the begginers UI.

NDNChief…All I got to say is WOW!!!


I’ve heard good things about zbrush (on other forums)… but I wonder

What are the restrictions they apply?
(and how long is the limited time)

… and looking around it seems that it doesn’t uvmap as well as, say, wings. I think it takes the object and splits it up into tiles, which are then textured. For lower polygon meshes I would imagine this wouldn’t be the best approach

and one final thing, [no offense, but] wouldn’t this be better suited for the elysiun chat forum?