Check out the Scopes tutorial over at CG cookie

Hey there, I’d really appreciate any feedback on my new tutorial series at CG Cookie. It’s the basics of color correction in the VSE using Blender’s scopes tools.

If it goes well maybe I can do a color grading tut too?

Just finished them. Having not even known the tools existed I feel confident I could use them now.

Great work, looking forward to more from you.

I’ve only watched part #1, and then part #2 sez I need to become a member to be able to watch it! :frowning:
I mean wtf???

My earlier, very high opinion of CGCookie has has dropped SEVERAL notches!
Hope Jonathan is reading this, just warn users up front that they won’t be able to view the whole series UNLESS they pay up.
Anything else is just BAD business.

sorry about the rant 3point, was just getting eager to watch the rest :frowning:

Sorry bout that. They do have high traffic and I’m just trying to raise vse awareness everywhere.

I don’t question your intentions, in fact I truly endorse the way you promote the VSE and all the work you put into it.
But they could offer it as a free course or explicitly warn users that they will be unable to view the series.

Well they do list the first one as free, I guess the cost is implied.

I’ll consider it as good omen. in near future, i hope blender developers heed your word and improve the VSE as well.