Check out this deal on DDR memory!

For those of you who live near an Office Max store:
They have a promotion going though the 19th for items which are free after rebate including 256MB DDR memory modules.

Here’s the deal:
The origional price is $89.99 a piece.
When you buy a module you get an instant $50.00 rebate so you pay only $39.99 plus tax. Then there are two mail-in rebates for $20.00 each.
So your net cost is $0 + tax on $39.99 which was $3.15 for me!

Also the rebates are supposed to come faster if you do them through their web site.

I just thought some of you might be interested.

:o only us though, isnt it?

I believe so. The cost of this promotion must be offset somewhere else.
They have to pass it on to the customers some how. The modules come with a life time warrenty. I don’t know if that’s effected by using the rebates or not.

however, remmeber at a wise man once said:
the fool who buys cheap ram, will crash many a time.

Well So far I havn’t noticed any problems with it.
But if I do I can always replace it.
I’ll give it some time and see if it can pass the mustard.
If it doesn’t well how much am I out?