Check out this site!

Hey everyone check out this website, ,everyone there thats helping create the movie has switched over to Blender, and they are looking for help. Of course I signed up… :smiley: Just thought you should know. L8tr

Went there, signed up, will keep an eye on it, it could be interesting.



I went there, but like KenCanvey (who said this on the Dr.who forum) I could not download the preview :-?

And does anyone know who the guy who is doing this is? I’d like to establish if he is a good artist…

All I know is the guy running the show is called William and his e-mail is [email protected] other than that you got me…might want to e-mail him and ask him. The e-mail I got from him said he was very opened minded about sugestions etc. although he was upset about his webmaster going on holiday. :slight_smile:

Got an E-mail this morning from William Sysko, saying the links are working, and so thy are.

I watched the teaser, well it needs polish in some places, and does not really show much, (I suppose thats why its called a teaser :smiley: ) I think maybe this could be a good thing for some of the Dark Masters of Blend to get behind, show off what blender can do, I am going to get involved somehow, not quite sure what I can contribute yet…

Worth a look I would say.


When I looked the only members listed were William and TSpann, and yet they decided to use Blender by a vote of 10 to 1 :-?


I know starting to post in here is the last thing I need to do. However the Drwho3d website has just within the last 3 days went to PHP and my webmaster is on Holiday. So the vote 10 to 1 is correct I just haven’t got everyone setup as members yet. (I’m pulling my hair Out…LOL) And then tspann post this in here and now on top of PHP and sendmail Issues, I’m getting e-mails out the wazo I have to respond to. So any way just bear with me as I try to get the site finished before you make to many judgements…I’ll go back to the hell that is over whelming me now and leave you guys alone…Thanks for listening

He said blender was simple!!! :frowning: :x :x :<


Seriously, though, if you don’t know what it’s like to suddenly have a server quit working the way you thought it should and your expert goes on vacation it ain’t fun. :wink:

I’m game to see what’s up… my Blender skills could use the stretching and who knows what else might crop up? Again, exposure for Blender and a chance for some budding artists to cut their teeth on a collaborative project that may well get widespread distribution is no small thing. Resumé and portfolio building is an underappreciated skill at times.


Not simple as in dumb, simple as in easy…
Blender is really simple, when…you know…how to, use it…oohhh…ahhhh…eeerm



actually I think blender is simple as in “easy to use”…the shortkeys aren,t too complex… e for extrude… s for size…r for rotate…duh! :wink:

Well, Yeah, I Don’t see any reason to make a program complex! BLENDER IS THE BEST!!!