Check out this

I modeled, lighted, textured and animated this model:
Broken Link
What do you think of it?

that is literally the creepiest thing i have ever seen, and i have seen some scary crap in my life :ba:

the animation is way too stiff and robotic, but the model and the hair look pretty good. i’m not sure if this is suppose to be a doll or not, but the material do make it look a lot like a barbie doll.

Sorry if it scared you? What is scary? The robotics?
Maybe I should animate a female where-wolf dancing instead and you can call her grandma as she tries to seduce you. I think you’re viciously over-exaggerating. I didn’t use motion capture and this was a first. Thanks for the hair positive feedback though about her hair. I thought it looks good too. All I did was tell it what settings to have and its fun. Blender is amazingly powerful now.

You’ve got a good start.

You may want to try again with the animation. Here’s a fun thing to try, go to YouTube and watch the pole dancer videos.

Look at the subtle nuances in their motions and the timing of their motions and try to replicate them.

You’re right, it could be better, but it could always be better. I am going to smooth it out even more then and reach infinity and beyond.