check this - new image edit tool

with nodes :wink:

Thanks for the heads up - that website is so slow to scroll though. I don’t have Leopard but it looks like it might be quite a nice package. There was a nice one released not too long ago called Pixelmator:

It’s not too bad and uses a lot of core OS X technology and has some nice animated tools. I’ve yet to come across an editor that I can replace Photoshop with though so I’ll see what Naked Light has to offer. Not that I’m particularly desperate to replace Photoshop but something more lightweight would be good.

ya photoshop has some decent tools.

gimp 2.4 is not to bad, it is improving. still some very special tools like highlight and shadow correction are only-photoshop sofar.

I am curious where gimp is going to - those node systems are not to bad either, photoshop calls it layer effects … but i think those node systems are more intuitive to work with.

nice thanks for this :slight_smile:
I like nude applications :smiley: