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Some o’ you guyz probably know me from the python forum. Yea, I’m the guy that had lots of trouble with getting LF to work, but now I accompished what I wanted!

Check this out, rendered in 9 hours (!) on my 300 Mhz machine…
You are entitled to rip this feller into pieces, as long as your crits are constructive :wink:
If the image doesn’t appear try this (drag&drop) :

  1. Tom 8)

(or 3DGamer or TomHebel or TomHebel1 or TheSpammer)

WOW! Thats really amazing!
Cool work!

cya henrik

blendito ergo sum.

not too much in the scene, but the first glance and I knew that it was not rendered in Blender. I guess that is how low-quality Blender’s rendering system is.

Nice job with the lighting.

looks very nice, do you happen to have [digital] lighting and rendering from Jeremy Birn? i think there’s the exact same picture in that

I tried drag’n’drop but still I get an error page?? where should I drag the link… ? I tried addressbar and document?


basse : if d&d doesnt work, then just try clicking it :wink: (works for me)

It could use a little wider focus( the --very nice–texture pattern on the wall(s) seems to diferentiate substantially–more than real world depth of vision–, and DOF settings are visibly distorting the window edge detail.) another fix for this could be reducing ambient light throughout the scene, and spotlighting your focus objects( the urns) to bring the composition elements back in line. A little difuse darkness in the wall corners would help as well.
The wood pattern on the table slats is too uniform, you might try offsetting the UV image map on each slat to differentiate the pattern.
The urns could use some shader tweeking( or textured noise) to look more real.

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Thanks and welcome to elysiun.

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