Check this out...

(Pooba) #1

Roller 2! I made it a bit easier (at least i think i did)
You can download it here and tell me what you think please!


PS, don’t give up too soon, the controls take a bit to get used to.

(rogerm3d) #2

man thats a real pain in ze oss. But darn addicting to. But how do i get the first levels. (original)?

(Pooba) #3

The original can be downloadedhere

It’s pretty fun too.


(ectizen) #4

Fun! Very unforgiving, but fun.

Yikes! Default to level 1, not 5, perhaps? :o

Maybe try rotating the camera about 10 degrees, and move it to recentre the marble. I tried it and it looked better to me - it made the view look more natural, a bit less clinical.

Maybe also change the doors so that their faces don’t intersect with the walls/floors.

(Pooba) #5

What exactly do you mean, it starts at 1 doesn’t it? If not, i’ll fix it.

Also do you mean so that the camera looks at the ball from an angle? I guess i could do that, but it might make the game be a bit different, because i still would hvae to make the movement camera relative, which is kinda hard.


(rogerm3d) #6

thanx cool.

(ectizen) #7

For me, the game starts on the level with the switches and fans (load .blend, then PKEY).

I don’t mean a dynamically changing camera angle. Simply NUM7KEY, select camera, RKEY, rotate about 10 degrees, GKEY and move the camea until it’s points at the marble again. That’s all.

Something else I’ve noticed is that some of the moving platforms are more solid than others. In particular, on level 2 in the frist and second rooms, you can put the marble under the lowest platform and it will go through the platform when the platform drops to the floor. Later, on the way to the highest objective on the level, putting the marble under a pltform will result in it being trapped, and maybe even pushed through the floor into the room below (the one with the door in the floor).

Also, on level 5, the block on the floor closest to the camera in the first room seems to be missing its furthest face - the marble can enter the block.

I like the switch action - looks good, and can potentially fling the marble across the room! Makes the fourth switch in level 5 particularly dangerous :slight_smile:

(Pooba) #8

Thanx for the tips!

I know about the bug with the face missing, and it will be fixed in the next version.

Also, the switch thing was an acident, it did just go up and down, but when i duplicated the switch and rotated it to put it in the fan room I changed all the thing’s ipo’s (because they were shared) and after i fixed it they just did that and I was too lazy to fix it. It puts a interesting spin on things.

The next version will come soon, with multiplayer options as well :stuck_out_tongue: .