Check this out...

I decided to make an animal:

Do you think it looks like a dog or a horse?
Comments are apreciated :stuck_out_tongue:


PS, i don’t think even mute invert can do better than this…


wow! a cow!!! he he he!..i better quit trying,i’ll never be that good. he he he! :smiley:

Pooba are you in need of attention? Did you not get any as a child or have you just never grown up? I just don’t find it funny after once, it seems like an abuse of posting if you honestly don’t try and make something you put some work into. Its probably just me though…

Yeah thehobbit I am with you!
Not funny the second time…but I think this is an horse! :wink:
Keep trying!

Yes I agree with Hobbit, it gets old. Me personally, it breaks my heart when I only get 1 or 2 replies, so I practice more and more and more, and someday I may create sumting that generates enough interest to envoke alot of replies. I certainly would not abuse posting in this forum. When I see a new post, I get excited, wondering what amazing piece of art is posted today, so I click on eagerly, anticipating something amazing, and I get that crap. Oh well, to each his own… I love this forum, and respect and am awed by many of the artists and their work.
On the other hand some light humor and play is fun, “SOME” dont wear it out dude…

Still a damn NOOB UGH!!! NDNChief

HAHAHA! That’s pretty funny.

But as the others have said, I think it is enough as well.


OR at least they should move this post to the off-topic …if someone doesn’t agree with me then they should remove the off-topic forum.
my opinnion.

keep up the good work :wink:

Nice Cat. :stuck_out_tongue:

hah! my panther looks better than that.

Nice er…monkey thingy :stuck_out_tongue:

This stuff is getting old.

hey thats a nice…er…trojan capyberra?



Oh come on, too much? This is the third one, my car, mute’s car, and now this. That’s 3 times, not like 5000.

Ok, i’ll acually try next time :wink:


Comes from a guy who picked a name that was probably funny at first… :wink:

I like Pooba’s stuff. Yay Pooba. South Park is brilliant 'cause you don’t know if those kids are dogs or horses, so I’m gonna say it looks like an elephant.


Acually, i still am a teenager, so i’m not like the rest of you old people :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


i find this as a hilarious inspiration… lmao thats a cute turtle

Its probably just me though…

no there are a few others…but u are the minority…hahaha

majority rules! go flat cows!


I thought you said it was a turtle…

This kind of explains why most of you never have messed with the gameengine. If you think that something gets old that fast it’s a wonder that you get any models done.