check this out

check this out its a py script for regenerating meshes but its not for blender but can be easily converted by a python coder :smiley: worth looking at the script
#! /usr/bin/env python

from dlfl import *
import math

def add2tuples(x,y):
if( len(x) < 3 or len(y) < 3 ):
return (x[0]+y[0], x[1]+y[1], x[2]+y[2])

def scalarMult(s,t):
if( len(t) < 3 ):
return (st[0],st[1],s*t[2])

def deleteData(faces,edges,verts):
for f in faces:
for e in edges:
for v in verts:

def connEdges(e1,f1,e2,f2):
c1 = getCorner(e1,f1)
c2 = getCorner(e2,f2)
c1p = saveCorner(c1)
c2p = saveCorner(c2)
if( c1 < 0 or c2 < 0 ):
c1n = next(c1)
c2n = next(c2)
c1np = saveCorner(c1n)
c2np = saveCorner(c2n)
if( next(c1) != c2n and prev(c1) != c2n ):
e,c1,c2n,c3,c4 = insertEdge(c1,c2n,False)
c1 = restoreCorner(c1p)
c2 = restoreCorner(c2p)
c1n = restoreCorner(c1np)
c2n = restoreCorner(c2np)
if( next(c1n) != c2 and prev(c1n) != c2 ):
e,c1n,c2,c3,c4 = insertEdge(c1n,c2,False)

def doosabin():
“”“Doo-Sabin Remeshing Algorithm”""
# Store old info to delete later
oldfaces = faces(0)
oldedges = edges(0)
oldverts = verts(0)
edgestart = oldedges[0] # edge start for offset
firstface = oldfaces[0]
# Initialize to all -1’s to size of oldedges
elist1 = [-1]
elist1 = len(oldedges)
elist2 = [-1]
elist2 = len(oldedges)
# Compute the coordinates for each face
for f in oldfaces:
vv,ee = walk(f)
coeff = 0.0;
numVerts = len(vv)
newvertexcoords = []
# compute the new coordinates
for v1 in vv:
i = i+1
vcoordnew = (0,0,0)
for v2 in vv:
j = j+1
vcoord = vertexInfo(v2)[‘coords’]
if i == j:
coeff = 0.25 + 5.0/(4.0
coeff = ( 3.0+2.0
math.cos(2.0*(i-j)math.pi/numVerts) )/( 4.0numVerts )
vcoordnew = add2tuples( vcoordnew, scalarMult(coeff,vcoord))
newvertexcoords += [vcoordnew] # newvertexcoords is a list of tuples so we must use []
# create a new face with the new coordinates
nf1,nf2 = createFace(newvertexcoords) # will mark nf1,nf2 as “new”
# create an array of corners from which connections can be made
vw,ew = walk(f)
vw2,ew2 = walk(nf2)
while len(ew) > 0 and len(ew2) > 0:
e1 = ew.pop(0)
e2 = ew2.pop()
eindex = e1 - edgestart
if elist1[eindex] == -1:
elist1[eindex] = e2
elist2[eindex] = e2
# Delete old stuff
# Go through and connect half-edges
i = 0
while i < len(oldedges):
if elist1[i] != -1 and elist2[i] != -1 :
# Check Edge List 1
einfo1 = edgeInfo(elist1[i])
ca1 = einfo1[‘cornerA’]
cb1 = einfo1[‘cornerB’]
if faceInfo(ca1[0])[‘type’] == “new”:
f1 = ca1[0]
elif faceInfo(cb1[0])[‘type’] == “new”:
f1 = cb1[0]
# Check Edge List 2
einfo2 = edgeInfo(elist2[i])
ca2 = einfo2[‘cornerA’]
cb2 = einfo2[‘cornerB’]
if faceInfo(ca2[0])[‘type’] == “new”:
f2 = ca2[0]
elif faceInfo(cb2[0])[‘type’] == “new”:
f2 = cb2[0]
#connectEdges((elist1[i], f1), (elist2[i], f2), False)
connEdges(elist1[i], f1, elist2[i], f2)
else :
return “NULL pointers found”
i = i + 1
# Done with Doo-Sabin remeshing algorithm



Hey, thanks the the script.

Any links for where this came from, or is it yours?

Also, could you either wrap code tags around that or upload the file somewhere? Can’t really do anything with the formatting flattened.




just a test for the code

yup iits a cool script yea worth paying attention to it can fill holes and regenerate meshes i found it on my hard drive but yea its from top mod maybe we coiuld ask the creator to modify the script to suit blender i knjow this script will work only a few syntax have to be changed (i wish the script was mine )lol well lets see how far we go its a good script worth looking at

it would be good to contact the team at top mod & ask, there may be further scripts that could be useful for Blender & TpoMod both.

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