check your reaction time

(Timothy) #1


Someone posted this url in #BlenderChat, and I thought I would share it with you guys:

At the right you can test your reaction time. My fastest time is 0.16 sofar.
(note this may not work in all browsers).


(fullback) #2

Mine was 0.18, but that was only achieved after a few rounds of abuse and derisive comments from the prompt. :smiley:

(fullback) #3

Beat that Kib.

(ilac) #4

" Your reaction time is 0 seconds
You are super human. I bow to Thee!"


(Timothy) #5

well fullback, … I didn’t beat your time,… but I did manage to equal it.

(Friday13) #6

Yay, i got 0.16 (much better than my school grades :wink: )

(dreamsgate) #7

.351 I suck.

and that was after several tries.

(blengine) #8

ilac, i thought u were kiddin till i got this:

hahaha…and below, i managed to click 96 of dem check boxes in 20 seconds =) woo! super powers rock!

(bogbean) #9

I only managed 0.22… but when I used the keyboard instead of the mouse I got 0.15.

I reckon this just shows how good your mouse is, nothing to do with reaction time at all. :wink:

(ilac) #10

Being Superhuman is not something to kid about. After all, with great power…


(stukkm) #11

yargh! my best time was .23 something and after 2 tries i only got 80 boxes in the 20sec. this is all using the keyboard of course! :wink:
good god, i have gotta bookmark this. it’ll be a great way to waste time at school next year!

(gargola) #12

0.17… i suck!!! :frowning:

(gargola) #13

yyyyyyyyeeeess!!! i did it!!! beat that! he he he! :stuck_out_tongue:

(haunt_house) #14
not good, not bad

(BgDM) #15

I got 0.05! Not bad.

I also got 52 boxes in the 20 seconds. Not bad there either!!


(theeth) #16

I got 0 sec on the 4th try…


(Nayman) #17


checked 84 boxes?

(haunt_house) #18
beat this

(Friday13) #19

Argh, i also got 52 :-?

(blengine) #20

raising the bar to unseen levels, chris stands out above the rest! :smiley: