Checker Manhattan Taxi

G’day guys this is model of an old Checker Taxi that I have been working on recently. I’ve been solely focused on getting the mesh right for the moment so things like camera angle and lighting are just whatever gave me a quick view of it. Still a few things I might modify before I get onto the materials and lighting. I’d love to get some comments or critiques to help me improve it before I get too much further with it!

Well here are the images:

Just started with blender and am so impressed by the level of work and expertise here. The cab looks beautiful in this clay shade, can you show wires? Is it based on references?

Well it has taken me a fair while to build up the skill to get to this level but its all been good fun,well… mostly good fun. It’s based off a heap of references that I grabbed from Google images and a blueprint from The wire renders are a good idea I should have done that to start with,I’ll stick up some wire renders as soon as I get a chance to/figure out how to :D.

Here are the wire frame renders of the car I promised. No subsurface modifier applied to the wire frame. The original images had sub-surf set to 3.

Alright, got some of the basic paint onto the car now, going to have to take a break here and research some of the other materials. Materials aren’t really my strong point yet so I’ve put place holder material on some parts of the model while I figure them out properly. Don’t think I’m going to get as much time to work on this today as I’d unfortunately, anyway here is the latest render.

Respect! Nice work Jai

Thanks Pensart, unfortunately I mightn’t be able to work on this one for a little while till I get some real work done :frowning: should only be a few days till I can get back into it hopefully.

OK here comes the next render and possibly my final in this WIP thread. I’ve now added the decals and the sign texture and tweaked a lot of the other textures a little to try and get some thing closer to what I wanted.

I’m fairly happy with where its at so unless someone points out something major to me I’ll probably call it done here for the time being.

I hope to at some point in the not too distant future make a complete scene for this car instead of just the showroom type effect its got atm. some soft of old 1980’s-ish Manhattan street scene, but thats going to be a whole project in itself.