checker plate?

How would you guys go about making a texture of checker plate? FYI, it’s that metal finish that has skinny diamonds running 8 to 2 and 10 to 4… ? or is there a texture I can import?

I can make it easy enough, but dont know how to go about making a texture out of a formed object… is it even possible?

you can make your own 3D model then bake it to get a normal mpa

or take a picture and use an external program to give a bump or normal map

of find a site with such picture see sticky thread a top of page in mat & texture forum
for a list of sites!

can you show pic of what you have done in blender ?

happy 2.6

cant now, on my way out for Christmas Cheer… but will tonight or tomorrow…
Look under Metal / Floors / Bare

Thanks Richard! Exactly what I’m lookin for! now, if I can only find a simplified tutorial than this one that is in two parts!! I’ts gotta be easier than this! Part one I can cheat into my project, but ultimately ya need part two but that isnt working for me! I even downloaded shadermap pro…