checker test texture not showing up

Hi layer 11 has a lo poly blade which i am just starting to uv unwrap, which i have done this successfully many times before. Anyways so i unwrap it how I think looks good make a new material called checker with a checker pattern, give the lo poly blade a material called: lo poly blade1
in there have the image texture attached to diffuse attached to material output mode. I put blender in materal mode to see the texture but there is no texture there.

Thank you.

edit post: one other thing, I just started using blender 2.79 so if there is ‘a new way of doing things’ that i dont know about ?

The “Maximum Draw Type” for that object is set to “Solid”…

Your maximum draw type for the object (in the object data panel) is set to solid, change it to texture.

ohhh egads thank you! I always forget to set it back to textured.