Checking mesh integrity

Blender newbie here… Greetings all.

I’m starting off with my first real model here (a reproduction of something I did previously in 3ds Max) and I’m having trouble with a boolean operation. I’m wondering if there is a way to check mesh integrity… like run a check for open edges and such.

When I try to do a boolean union, only a portion of the object B gets incorporated into object A. I’m not sure this is a mesh integrity problem, but I did find an open edge earlier and either way, I’d like to know if there is a way to check to be sure the mesh is solid.


This is a problem with Blenders booleans period. They just down right suck. I would suggest not using them at all to quite frank with you. This is one area that I have been wanting improved for many years now, but people seem to think that we need better rendering and materials rather than some more modelling tools. But hey, that’s just my rant for the day. :wink:

But as far as checking the mesh integrity, afaik, there is no way of doing this. At least I have never heard of a method.


The closest we have is in Edit mode: Select Menu->Non-manifold. This will select all edges that don’t have exactly 2 faces connected, ie they define a hole or an internal face.

Thanks, I think the Non-Manifold selection will work really well. I haven’t gotten to the point of applying the screwy boolean yet, as it’s the second of two operations and I have to clean up the first one still, but I’ll let you know if that works.

As far as using/not using booleans all together, in the case where you need to cut a wierd hole, or combine two objects what do you do? It’s unfortunate that Blender’s booleans might not be up to snuff, as I would consider booleans to be a basic modelling necessity (although I’m a modelling/animation newbie, so what do I know?). But, to tell you the truth I think this might be a general 3D package problem… when I was working with 3dsmax 6 the boolean operations were quite tempermental as well.

Is there a way to get around booleans while achieving the same effect? Or, is there a way to combine two Objects into one? Also, something I’ve been wondering about… is there a downside to having intersecting meshes in one object? Er… I hope that’s kind of clear…

UPDATE: Select Non-manifold is great. Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately my boolean was still screwed up, but I learned from that experience to create cleaner models, and so I rebuilt those parts more carefully and cleanly and the boolean I performed since worked fantastically. Also, I have learned better modelling techniques as a result and have come to know the CTRL-J functioning for joining two objects. Thanks for the tips guys… Blender is great.