Checking vertex groups for specific vertices


I have an armature where one group of vertices is going haywire when I animate. I suspect that this group of vertices is somehow being influenced by a bone somewhere else in the armature, so I want to check whether they belong to any vertex groups other than the appropriate one (they’re all in the appropriate one, of course). The only way to do this that I know of is to check each bone’s vertex group in the entire armature, and that’s going to be a pain in the neck. Is there any way I can choose a specific vertex and return a list of the bones to which that vertice is grouped?



You want the Selected Vertex Group Dump script.

Cut and paste it into a text file and save it in your .blender/scripts directory with a .py extension.

Good Luck!

Thanks a lot. That looks like what I need. I will check it out.


It worked! Thanks very much.

Alternatively, in 2.4 you can Shift-LMB on a face in weight paint mode and it will list the bones it belongs to. It saved me a few times already.