Who would u think has won? (see full-detail in Google Drive)
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The Result (see full-detail in Google Drive)
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A Breakdown of the Scene :
1- First, I modeled the ChessBoard and the Pieces, for the board, it’s actually really simple, just a Plane, apply the scale.
And for the texture, it’s a glossy BSDF and a Checker Texture (as always for chess), to make a wooden look in the board easily, plug a texture coordinate, mapping, noise texture into a color ramp that will plug in one of the glossy’s color input, for the other color input: Same as before but change the colors on the ramp (recommend to use a Wooden color palette from Adobe Color for both Ramps).
A trick to rotate the other Color-Input: In Mapping node, Change the type from Point to Texture. found that while playing with nodes.

The Pieces, Extruded Cylinder with Sub-division and Mean Crease, for the knight, I’ve Sculpted some Details.
2- Environment: A room with Windows and some models from 3D ModelHaven,HDRI and some volumetrics for better Image .