any suggestions to improve this image would be greatly appreciated.

Right now the whole thing looks kind of flat. You might try moving some of the falling pieces towards the front and adding a key light. It might also look good to add a subtle depth of field. Also if the chess pieces are falling and shattering upon impact with the ground, then I’m not sure why the black piece in the air is exploding too. Something else that I notice is that the falling chess pieces look kind of low poly right now, so you might want to add a subsurf modifier and crease the sharp edges (shift-e). Adding a little bit of glossy to the chess pieces might also add to the image. You might try experimenting with motion blur too and see if that looks good. Keep up the good work!

It’s been slow took 30 minutes to render this here is an updated version with some different lighting I like the style the color of it could use some work and the black material needs improvement any other ideas are welcome.

made a few more changes to the lighting