i´ve tested the new Blender 2.34 features (Yafrayplugin, Caustics):


hope you like it, cheers to the Developers…

Bye, Olaf.

That looks impressive. Great work.

saves to HD

I should really try out the caustics feature.


Cheers to you, too! Great work!

Cheers, :wink:


clap**clap underage drinking here , cheers :D.

if it’s scotch or burban shouldn’t there be some cubes? nice work! puts min to shame although the relfections are a bit much - nah keep em i like them! :wink:

Great Dude :slight_smile:
Can you please tell me how did you made the table?

tnx planetsheim, the table is a plane with textures for color, bump and ref.
if you want look at the .blend just tell me…, i´ll send it to you PM.

Bye, Olaf.

If it’s whiskey then keep it how it is…Mmmmmm… :wink: That looks really great! It’s hard getting the liquid to look right like that. I tried to make something similar in Cinema 4D a while back but yours kicks it’s ass. :slight_smile:


excellent - HDRI?

thank you @ner and jupp: kitchenprobe.

Ye, I would really like to see the blend file.

a truly amazing pice of photorealistic work. :o

I am imppressed with all aspects of this work, well done, and cheers! :smiley: :wink:


AWESOME!!! Good work.

@planetshein: check your mailbox, i hope your popaccount can handle 6MB…

to all the others, many thanks for positive feedback, onto the next yafray
render (i really like the new plugin integration with Blender!!).

Bye, Olaf.

Very stylish, love the caustics

Wow, stunning!

Wonderfully amazing work olaf!

Fantastic work olaf.

Maybe an actual bar surface rather than the wood texture you have would be more appropriate, but it looks really good.


Gosh, I’d love the .blend for that, if possible.