Cheese knives

Hi everybody:
Some months ago I created this model.Hope you like it!! :slight_smile:

If you want to see more images of the model:

That pink is the missing texture kind.XD I think these are pretty good, but some things could be changed. The texture on the wood is tiled too much, I can tell it’s repeating. It could also use a modifier and some supporting edges. The knives could use a texture on that pink part. Was this rendered in cycles or internal?

Hi Terrance8D:
Jaja, :no:
No,no.The pink colour is the material color I chose(the real knives I have are pink) :slight_smile:
Thank you for the piece of advice.
It was rendered in internal.
Thank you very much!!

I just realized this in my original comment: “It could also use a modifier” I never said which one though.XD I meant to say it could use a subsurf modifier, I don’t know how I left that out.:stuck_out_tongue:

Oh,I undertand.I’m going to change it and I show you the results jaja.
Thank you:)